Playtex Premium Nurser Bottles: Just droppin' in

has frequently been seen toting Playtex’s Premium Nurser Bottles around. This bottle system has been around for a long time. My father recently told me that I even used them as a baby. But how did they test with my newborn?

Wonderfully, actually! Playtex sent me one of their Nurser Bottles to test out with a package of their new 10 oz Drop-in Liners. We tested these out when Allegra was only two weeks old. The slow flow nipple (Stage 1) was easy for her to latch onto and when Allegra would suck down her meal, the liner would collapse to minimize air going into her little tummy. I am primarily breastfeeding so I used the bottle in conjunction with Playtex’s Breast Pumps (review to be forthcoming).

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I am very concerned with the use of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in plastics (click here to read the Z Report on BPA Bottles and Sippy Cups and our own Bronwnyn’s post on this topic), so the reason I agreed to try them was the following info from Playtex,

"For parents who want to explore other alternatives to polycarbonate, we offer product choices
that are BPA-free: The Playtex Nurser System with its holder and disposable liners was
originally developed in 1948 and has been trusted by generations of moms. The system uses
disposable liners made of polyethylene- in both Drop Ins liners and rolled liners. So, the only
contact between baby and the food is through the nipple and the liners, which are both BPA- free."

To read the rest of the statement, click here. I want to point out that the bottle itself is polycarbonate, but since the liquid isn’t touching the bottle, I was okay with it.

Stats for the Drop-Ins

  • pre-sterilized
  • pre-formed shape allows for one hand holder assembly
  • 4oz, 8oz, and 10oz liners are available
  • Playtex’s rep told me that the new Drop-Ins 10oz Liner is intended to reducing spilling and expand, for example, after 8oz of water is mixed with dry formula and you need that little bit of extra room. Even though the liner expands, it is still collapsible to minimize air intake and reduce colic. Since Ben was primarily formula fed, the larger liner would have come in handy. Playtex has created a new video about bottle feeding challenges and solutions at It talks about benefits of a disposable bottle system, and also discusses the Drop-Ins 10oz liners.

    Since Allegra won’t be using the larger Drop-Ins for a while, we used the smallest possible liners with her. I actually went out and bought a few more Nurser Bottles because I liked them. I wish there was an easier way to warm up the bottles. We use the running the hot water into a metal bowl method, using the smaller liners (but the 4oz size of the Nurser Bottles would probably be better for that). Playtex Premium Nursers are available in your local drugstore, baby store and supermarket.

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