Playtex Drop-Ins: A Daily Sanity Saver

After breastfeeding my twins, I knew transitioning to the bottle would be tough… for everyone involved. Feeding, changing, dressing and playing with the tots took every spare minute of my day. I didn’t know how I was going to find time to clean all the bottles. Plus my daughter was having horrible spit-up episodes and both babies were painfully gassy. The Playtex Drop-Ins System ($16/starter set of 5 bottles) saved me on all accounts.

The BPA-free, sterilized liners made it simple to clean up between feedings. I just popped on a new or cleaned (BPA-free) nipple, put in a new liner and I was ready to go. The environmentalist in me cringed every time I tossed a rinsed liner into the recycling bin. But I’d rather spend those saved minutes playing with my babies—or resting. We started with the small 4 oz. nursers and moved our way to the larger 8 oz. size. The expandable liners (able to hold up to 10 oz., $8.50/100) collapse as baby drinks to prevent air from being gulped down with the milk. Plus, the twins took to them almost immediately, their gas was eliminated and the hourly spit-up episodes were a thing of the past.

— Sarah S.

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