"I think we'll have a pretty well-rounded kid," he tells PEOPLE

By Charlotte Triggs and Mark Gray
Updated May 07, 2011 12:45 PM

With their first child on the way Pink and Carey Hart still have some work to do – but the motorcross racer says he isn’t concerned.

His wife “is going to be awesome,” Hart told PEOPLE at an autograph signing Friday at Hart and Huntington inside Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel. “She’s just so connected and so ready to be a mother.”

She’s also been staying active and doing yoga while pregnant. “She’s solid,” he said.

As for their parenting style, Hart says he and Pink will be hands-on.

Our kid is going to have a great experience,” Hart said. “He or she is going to travel the world with us [and] I think we’ll have a pretty well-rounded kid.”

The only potential drawback? They may be a little overprotective.

“I feel sorry if we have a girl because that whole analogy of the dad on the couch with the shotgun, well, I’m pretty heavily tattooed,” said Hart. “I’m pretty intimidating looking so I feel sorry for a little girl trying to bring boys home. Between my very headstrong wife and myself, I feel sorry if we have a girl.”