Did Pink Tweet Clues That She Had Her Baby?

Fans wonder as the singer writes about astrological signs and starting "something new"

Photo: Fernando Allende-Milton Ventura/Broadimage

The stars may have aligned, but does that mean Pink had her baby?

Fans are wondering after the singer, 31, Tweeted a cryptic message on Wednesday night about it being a good time for new beginnings under an auspicious astrological sky.

“New Moon in Gemini today ? a good time to start something new…. Also called the Honey Moon. #intoit,” she wrote.

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Her followers were quick to take a hint. “Maybe a good time to have a baby?” wrote one. Another suggested Honey Moon Hart might be a great baby name, if Pink and husband Carey Hart end up having a girl.

Of course, it could just be wishful thinking from a full-term mom-to-be, who looked very pregnant in photos taken over Memorial Day weekend.

The singer’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE that the baby hasn’t arrived yet.

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