An on-the-go diaper change, for obvious reasons, should be as simple as possible. But there’s no unspoken rule that it needs to take place on a drab piece of nondescript vinyl, either. In an attempt to balance the need for simplicity with a woman’s need for style, Deborah Stepler launched Pineapple Cove Baby two years ago, and has since gifted celebrity moms like Melissa Joan Hart, Holly Robinson Peete and Gwen Stefani with items from her upscale ‘Simple Change Diapering Collection.’ Consisting of an infant change pad, a diaper wallet and a toddler change pad — each of which are available in a selection of 8 fabric/trim combinations — Pineapple Cove’s products add a glamorous touch to the decidedly non-glamorous practice of changing a diaper.

We recently tested the toddler change pad ($50; shown above, left) in a beautiful blue antique quilt fabric. The toddler change padfolds up into a compact bag complete with handle for easy portability,and is secured shut with the use of Velcro. Once unfolded, the toddler change padmeasures 34 x 13 inches, and includes a zippered pocket to hold diapersand wipes. The interior surface is waterproof and easily wipes clean. It’s by far and away the prettiest changing pad I’ve ever usedwith our boys, but with its exceptional thickness it’s also sturdy andup to the task at hand. The only drawback — and it’s a minor one — isthe width of the pad. If you’ve got a wiggly baby likeour Sam, you may find yourself without a lot of extra room to work withgoing side-to-side. That said, I don’t find the change pad to be too thin per se — it’s just that I’ve seen wider pads, and if given a choice I prefer them that way.

We also tested the ‘Chocolate Swirl’ silk diaper wallet($28; shown at right), which Pineapple Cove introduced in October. AllI can say is — wow! It is absolutely gorgeous. Measuring 6 x 10inches, the diaper wallet is roughly the same size as a woman’sclutch purse, and speaking of, its so artfully done that I can actuallysee myself using it as such for a night on the town without the baby. The inside of the diaper wallet,also lined in silk, is just large enough to hold a few diapers, atravel case of wipes and a tube of diaper cream. It’s perfect forquick trips away from home, or for use with an older child who doesn’thave as much ‘stuff’ to lug around. Because of the silk, the diaper walletis dry-clean only, but that’s a small price to pay for a bag like this. In any event, the non-silk varieties are just as beautiful and arespot-cleanable with cold water — just be sure to air dry!

The collection can be purchased directly from Pineapple Cove by visiting their website,or in upscale boutiques throughout North America and Europe. PineappleCove ships via USPS domestically; International orders, includingCanada, will be considered upon request.

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