Piers Morgan Stays in Constant Contact With His 'Three Fantastic Kids'

For Piers Morgan, the key to surviving a nasty divorce with your parental relationship intact is to keep the lines of communications open — no matter what! “I produced three fantastic children with my ex-wife,” the 43-year-old Celebrity Apprentice winner tells the Daily Mail. “The best advice I ever got was to speak to them every day — that’s when you need your ex to be very accommodating.”

“I’ve spoken to my kids, with just a handful of exceptions, every day in the last nine years.”

Piers adds that while he doesn’t regret his divorce from ex-wife Marion Shalloe, the two have “stayed good friends.” Maintaining that bond is “important for your kids,” Piers says, and Spencer, 15, Stanley, 11 and Bertie, 8, remain his top priority. “My children bring me more happiness than anything I’ve done professionally — ever,” he says. “When you become a parent, everything changes.” Asked whether he’s open to the possibility of having more children, Piers says he is, but he’s definitely not in any hurry! Asking “Do I look too old to have children?,” Piers notes,

“Pablo Picasso was banging them out when he was 85.”

Source: Daily Mail

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