By peoplestaff225
Updated May 26, 2008 12:25 PM

There are so many online photo companies out there that it’s hard to keep track of them all in your quest to find the perfect one for your needs — but when you check out Picaboo, you may have found an end to your lengthy search. Sure they offer personalized photo books and cards like all the others, but who else besides Picaboo can offer you as much design flexibility? Take for example the ability to use any photo of your choosing as the background template — allowing any great photographer to display their own shots, instead of the usual (and often boring) generic ones that are provided. It even seems like they found an answer to the — at times — forever-long process we all dread: photo uploading. With their free downloading software, customers can use pictures that are already on their hard drive, so there’s little to no photo waiting time…other than the time you take deciding which great pictures you want to use!

For those of us who are computer-challenged (or just lazy!), Picaboo has come up with a helpful option: Storyflow. The only part you have to take care of with Storyflow is putting your pictures in the order you want and then sit back and let Picaboo do the rest of the work for you. In a short amount of time, Storyflow uses your predetermined theme and auto-creates a unique picture book just for you. With so many great options, you just may be creating virtual scrapbooks all day long!

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