Photos of Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush with Their Babies

The twins' close bond extends to each other's young children, Barbara's baby Cora and Jenna's daughters Mila and Poppy and son Hal

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Birthday Bliss

Jenna Bush Hager Says Niece Cora 'Knows How to Celebrate' as Family Gathers for First Birthday. Jenna Bush Hager celebrates niece's birthday.
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

In October 2022, Jenna talked about the family getting together to celebrate niece Cora Georgia's 1st birthday during the third hour of Today.

Bush Hager shared a photo in which she and her twin Barbara posed with baby Cora, with the guest of honor and her mom wearing matching paper crowns.

"Look how cute she is! She's so cute," the proud aunt said, going on to explain that she and her three children enjoyed "breakfast tacos and some queso" with the birthday girl.

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Beach Babes

Jenna Bush Hager Shares Sweet Photo of Twin Barbara Bush Coyne with Daughters Mila and Poppy

In late August of 2022, Jenna shared photos on her Instagram Story from a day by the ocean with her daughters Poppy and Mila and her twin, the girls' Aunt Barbara.

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Sissy Surfing

Jenna Bush Hager Shares Sweet Photo of Twin Barbara Bush Coyne with Daughters Mila and Poppy

Could they be having more fun? The twins went surfing with the girls in tow.

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Party People

Jenna Bush Hager Shares Photo of Daughters Mila and Poppy with Baby Cousin Cora
Jenna Bush Hager Instagram

That same week, Jenna reflected on a "magical" trip to Maine with her sister and their kids.

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Major Moments

Bush Family
From left: Henry Hager, Mila, Hal, Jenna, George W., Poppy, Laura, Barbara, baby Cora and Craig Coyne in a recent family photo. John Unrue

The sisters, their husbands and their children joined George and Laura for a beautiful family moment in early 2022.

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Feeling Thankful

Barbara and Jenna Bush Thanksgiving
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

Thanksgiving 2021 looked a little different for the family thanks to all the busy kiddos.

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She's Here!

Jenna Bush Hager
Jenna Bush Hager/instagram

Meet Cora! On Sept. 28, 2021, Jenna helped twin sister introduce her baby girl to the world.

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Aunt Jenna

Barbara Bush Pierce
Barbara Bush Pierce/instagram

"Dearest Cora Georgia," Jenna wrote in her Instagram post alongside photos of Cora and Barbara. "Today is the day I got to meet my most beautiful, precious, feisty, niece (a bit earlier than we expected!) I witnessed in awe as my dearest, toughest @barbara.p.bush became a mama. And today is the day I fell in love! Some cousins are anxiously waiting to play with you, but not just yet love. Xx auntie j"

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Little Mister

Bush twins
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

A "little mister," a.k.a. Jenna's son Hal, joined the twins to promote their book Sisters First in September 2019.

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Aunt Barbara

Jenna Bush Hager
Barbara Pierce Bush Coyne with Hal. Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

Aunt Barbara was also first to come visit Hal when he was born, "with donuts and tacos," Jenna added alongside the sweet pics.

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Best Feelings

Jenna Bush Hager
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram.

Jenna often calls her sister the "best aunt."

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Fun Vibes

Jenna Bush Hager
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram.

And Barbara has spoken of her bond with her sister's kids, joking, "I think the role of aunt is to ignore [Mom's rules] and have as much fun as possible."

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Family First Bush/Instagram
Jenna Bush/Instagram

The 2015 "Christmas Eve crew" included the whole Bush family snuggling up to Jenna's daughters Mila and Poppy, then just a baby.

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Gang's All Here

Jenna Bush Hager Family CR: Jenna Bush Hager
Jenna Bush Hager

Speaking of Poppy, Aunt Barbara was among the first to meet her after her birth in August 2015.

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