PHOTO: Ashlee Shows Off Baby Bronx

Plus, she sends love notes over Twitter to Pete Wentz, who is on tour with his band

Photo: Courtesy Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Look at those cheeks!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz posted a personal photo of son Bronx for her Twitter followers on Tuesday.

“I present you my little man and his adorable cheeks,” wrote Simpson-Wentz, 24, who included a link to a picture that shows her giving the 4-month-old a kiss.

Husband Pete Wentz, who is on the road with his band Fall Out Boy in support of their latest album Folie A Deux, and Simpson-Wentz, who shoots the CW’s new Melrose Place pilot in L.A. next week, have been busy tweeting love notes to each other while they’re apart.

“Bx and I miss you so much,” she wrote to Wentz, 29, on Tuesday. “We are only the 2 amigos without you. Last night I wanted a snuggle fest with you. Miss you mucho.”

Wentz responded with a famous quote from the movie Top Gun: “Goose, take me to bed or lose me forever, you big stud. Coming home soon.”

Earlier in the day, Simpson-Wentz wrote about changing her “bright red” tresses for a new shade for her new role as a small-town girl trying her luck in L.A. on the updated CW show.

After her salon visit, Simpson-Wentz wrote, “Yay still red just a lighter shade! Woop woop.”

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