March 07, 2007 06:08 AM

Ever go into your baby’s room only to hearyour neighbor’s entire phone conversation coming through the baby monitor? I thinkit has happened to every parent at some point. As fun as it is to eavesdrop on the neighbor’s phone calls, it’s quiteanother thing to fear that they are doing the same with your calls!

Now Philips has introduced a new range of  zero interference DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) technologybaby monitors that take care of that problem for you. Using an innovative, digital wirelesstechnology that originally developed for use in cordless telephones, these newmonitors guarantee no eavesdropping or interference from any other device(other baby monitors, cordless phones and cell phones). The result is soundquality that is as clear as standing next to your baby’s crib. 

The baby unit’s ultra-sensitive microphonepicks up every sound the baby makes and the crystal-clear loudspeaker on theparent unit transmits this sound perfectly. The microphone’s sensitivity on thebaby unit and the loudspeaker volume on the parent unit can be adjusted to thedesired level so you hear only your baby.

The monitor is available in two models,both featuring DECT technology. Parents can choose the SCD589 with one parentunit and a baby unit with a host of features including an LCD display, roomtemperature gauge, starry night-light and soothing lullabies or the SCD590 withtwo parent units for additional flexibility around the house.

Both monitors retail for $199.99. Visit to learn more aboutthe new Philips digital baby monitors and for a list of retailers.

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