Philadelphia Phillie Marcus Giles Opens Up About Death of Daughter

The death of a child is something that no parent could ever forget, but Philadelphia Phillies’ infielder Marcus Giles has a constant reminder of his loss tattooed on his left arm. The series of numbers represent the GPS coordinates of his daughter Lundyn Mae‘s headstone, he tells the Philadelphia Inquirer. Born 12 weeks prematurely in 2002, Lundyn survived just 16 days outside the womb. “We prayed and prayed until she died,” Marcus, 30, recalled. “Obviously, it was a nightmare, but you know she is in a better place.” He adds,

“She doesn’t have to suffer anymore. She doesn’t have to worry about the kinds of infections or diseases that she would be prone to.”

Marcus and his wife Tracy Giles wasted little time in getting pregnant again. “It was an easy decision to have another kid right away,” Marcus explained. “We both enjoy kids a lot, and we knew that’s what we wanted.” As for the three healthy daughters who have arrived since Lundyn’s death — Arrington Mae, Sawyur Rae, and Tatum Kane — Marcus reveals,

“We tell them they have an older sister in heaven.”


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