Philadelphia Eagles Coach Stops Press Conference to Tell His Kids to Behave: Watch

Nick Sirianni was joined by his three children at a press conference on Monday and things didn't go quite as expected for the Super Bowl-bound head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Sirianni

Nick Sirianni may be going to the Super Bowl, but that doesn't save him from same struggles as other parents.

The Philadelphia Eagles, 41, head coach was on dad duty while talking to the press on Monday, joined by sons Miles, 2, and Jacob, 7, and daughter Taylor, 5.

The three children seemed a little restless as they situated themselves for the sitdown.

"Miles, you sit with me," he instructed as Jacob sat down in the chair next to him. He followed up with, "Taylor, you stand."

"I don't want to stand," the 5-year-old objected, to which Jacob stood and gave up his chair.

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"You're gonna let Taylor sit? My man. Good job," he said to Jacob, then turned to reporters and said, "Gave up a seat for his little sister. That was pretty special."

Jacob took a seat on the other side of dad after and the press conference began, going smoothly through the first few minutes. Taylor started getting a little antsy, fidgeting with her hat and hair as she watched her dad talk.

After a while longer, Taylor started to talk into the camera, mimicking her dad's facial expression and hand gestures.

Taylor caught Miles' attention and started making faces at her little brother as Jacob also started to move around in his seat.

It started to distract Sirianni, who asked them what they're doing and tried to go back to the conversation before getting distracted again and addressing the kids about it.

"You guys need to stop," he said sternly. "Taylor, stop it."

He then instructed the three to "look forward."

It's almost quiet until the end, but in the last minute, Taylor started to pull out all the stops again, adorably stealing the show. Sirianni was a good sport and made it through the conference, which quickly went viral for Taylor's adorable antics.

"Nick Sirianni just made the Super Bowl but he still has to be a Dad too 😂😂," CBS Philly captioned a repost of Sirianni's relatable moment.

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