Phaedra Parks Reveals the 'Big Ticket Items' on Her Sons' Christmas Lists: 'They Love Gucci!'

Phaedra Parks certainly had her work cut out this Christmas when it came to filling the wish lists of her two sons

Phaedra Parks certainly had her work cut out this Christmas when it came to filling the wish lists of her two sons.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, 45 tells PEOPLE that her boys Ayden, 8, and Dylan, 5 — whom she shares with ex-husband Apollo Nida — asked for some “big ticket items,” including one technology product that’s not even in stores yet.

Unfortunately for Parks, the brothers didn’t expect Old St. Nick to be wrapping these presents under the tree so she couldn’t even blame it on him. “They’ve conceptualized Santa Clause as a real person. So they were like, ‘Santa Claus is not going to be able to afford our gifts so we need you to get our big gifts,’ ” Parks recalls. “I was like, ‘Okay…’ ”

So for what did they ask?

Ayden set the bar high, immediately, asking for a piece of ForwardX Robotic’s Ovis luggage — a vision-powered, side-follow, self-driving suitcase (the world’s first) that responds to your voice commands and gestures (it comes equipped with GPS location tracker, smart alarm, embedded weight sensor, TSA-approved digital lock and removable airline-compliant LiPo battery that doubles as a charging station, naturally).

The product is so advanced, it’s still in the prototype stage. “I couldn’t get it,” Parks explains. “I searched high and low — we even went to Japan looking for this kind of luggage. But we got him something that is somewhat similar so I think he’ll be excited.”

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Courtesy Phaedra Parks

Dylan also wanted something that’s not-that easy to wrap under the tree. “He wants to go to Cuba and Japan, that’s his big-ticket items,” Parks says.

“My children love to travel,” she says. “They’ve planned all their trips and all their play dates and excursions. They’re like these social butterflies.

Both boys also asked for watches and shoes, which Parks says she’s gotten. “I got them each a watch and they love shoes, they’re both obsessed,” says Parks. “They asked for three pairs. My oldest one wanted Kevin Durant’s new shoe, and they love Steph Curry — they always want Steph Curry stuff — so there’s a new special edition shoe on their list, and they love Gucci and Gucci tennis shoes, so they asked for three pairs.”

Not on their list? The in-ground certified NBA basketball hoop that goes up and down electronically that Parks is having installed. “Our neighbors have one and they love going to our neighbor’s house to play with it. So I’m going to get them that,” she says. “They both play basketball so they’ll love the surprise.”

Ayden and Dylan Nida. Courtesy Phaedra Parks

Gifts aside, Parks says that motherhood has been a major focus since leaving her full-time reality TV life behind.

“They are definitely full of personality. Totally opposite but both hilarious,” Parks says. “They are third grade and kindergarten and with all kinds of sports and after-school activities on their schedule, that is a job in and of itself!”

Aside from that, Parks is staying busy as ever, managing her multiple jobs (she’s a lawyer, mortician, and Wilhelmina model, among others). She’s also working on a vaginal soap line called “My Healthy Peaches” to “help these peaches stay fresh.”

“I’m developing it with some friends int he medical field,” Parks says. “To be unfresh, is not a good thing. To be an irrigation system is to be a waterfall of fragrance. So I’m cleaning up one vagina at a time.”

“I’ve got a prototype but I’m just enhancing my taste and my smell,” says Parks, explaining that she’s planning on launching it sometime next year. “I want it to have a mild flavor to it because you never know when someone wants to kiss that peach. No woman wants to turn down peach à la mode!”

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Phaedra Parks. Paras Griffin/Getty

And amid all of it, she’s managed to find love, though she’s not giving up his identity just yet.

“I have a special guy that I’ve been seeing,” she says of her mystery man, whom she’s been dating for three months. “I’m really excited. We haven’t introduced him to the world but he’s a baby doll. He looks like a treat because he is a treat. He’s a great guy.”

And as for her ex-husband — who is expected to be released from his eight-year prison sentence in 2020 after pleading guilty to bank fraud and identity theft in May 2014 (the same year they split) — Parks says he wishes him well.

“We have two beautiful sons together,” she says. “I’ll always be grateful for that. I’m hoping he will get married to whomever he is engaged to, honey, and he will be out of my hair.”

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