PGA Golfer Harrison Frazer's wife gives birth via emergency c-section

by auditioning CBB sports contributor Angela

PGA golfer Harrison Frazar, 34, can live his life with a little less weighing on his heart. On Monday, June 19, Harrison’s wife, Allison, gave birth to their third child by emergency Caesarean section. New son Richard Slayden had rolled onto his umbilical cord which caused his heart to quit beating for a few seconds. Following the birth, Harrison laid down on the floor for 45 minutes. "I didn’t want to move because it was finally – everything was OK – and it was over."

The past months have not been easy on the family. Twelve weeks into the pregnancy, one of the couple’s fraternal twins miscarried, and since that point Allison had been in and out of the hospital with various complications. Also, their three-year-old son, Charles Ford, had intestinal surgery and their seven-year-old, William Harrison, broke his arm.

Harrison carries two pictures of each son on his golf bag. "I looked at the pictures a couple of times today and it made me smile. But at the same time it makes me sad to know there is a 10-day-old baby at home. I’d like to be the one giving him his bottle at night and burping him and putting him to bed. But I’ve got to do this, too," he said while playing in the Buick Championship. "I was a little bit sad at times. I just wasn’t there. But you get over that and hit your golf shot."

Source: Hartford Courant and Yahoo! Sports

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