HGTV star Peyton Lambton talks the home stretch of her pregnancy in her latest blog for PEOPLE

By Peyton Lambton
October 25, 2016 03:45 PM
Peyton Lambton - Babies
Credit: Amy Headington/Images of Grace Photography

Peyton Lambton is pregnant!

The costar of HGTV’s Going Yard and DIY Network’s Yard Crashers host Chris Lambton met through their appearances on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, respectively. They’ve appeared together on specials including My New Old House, HGTV Dream Home and HGTV Smart Home, and recently completed building their dream home near the Massachusetts coast.

Peyton, 33, and Chris, 39, were married in 2012. They are expecting their first child in November, and are already parents to Summit, a 3-year-old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

You can find Peyton on her website, as well as on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @peytonwlambton.

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Peyton Lambton - Babies
Credit: Amy Headington/Images of Grace Photography

The most common question that gets asked when you are pregnant is “How are you feeling?” The natural response is “great,” but sometimes that isn’t always the case.

Throughout this pregnancy, I have experienced all kinds of emotions, both physical and mental. It has been quite a roller coaster!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was excited and also relieved because we had been through so much to get to this point.

Shortly after the high of the positive came some pretty intense fear. There was fear about what type of mother I would be and fear about my future career. A child brings so many changes that there is a lot to consider.

Thankfully, I have had nine months to really explore these fears and to talk through them with my husband. Women have been doing this for centuries, and I knew we would figure it all out.

Physically, I was feeling sick. It was only temporary, though at the time I thought it was never-ending!

Peyton Lambton - Babies
Credit: Peyton Lambton

Around 10-12 weeks, we went through the testing phase of the pregnancy, which caused us both to experience intense nervousness. We elected to do the harmony test that would determine any genetic conditions that we should be aware of. While all parents wish for a healthy and happy baby, we were prepared for anything that was handed to us.

The DNA testing came back normal, but the ultrasound showed a cyst on the baby’s abdomen. We were terrified. I ended up going in for an ultrasound every two weeks so a fetal specialist could keep an eye on it.

Finally, around 30 weeks, the cyst disappeared, and I was thrilled! I felt in my gut that it would end up being nothing, and my intuition was right. Our final ultrasound of this pregnancy was last week, and the doctor said I was all set and there was no need to come back. I felt so relieved.

Peyton Lambton - Babies
Credit: Peyton Lambton

Recently, I have been extremely overwhelmed with all of the stuff that comes with a baby! I was lucky enough to have three beautiful showers thrown by my incredible friends and family in my hometown of Kingsport, Tennessee, Dallas, Texas, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The amount of love that was shown for this baby and for me was through the roof. I feel so blessed to have all of these incredible people in our life to support and guide us along the way. They provided us with everything I can possibly imagine and more that we will need for a baby.

Some of the products I was gifted that I’m most excited to try include DockATot, my UPPAbaby stroller and the 4moms mamaRoo. There is really something for every situation imaginable. It’s a little intimidating, but I know we will get the hang of it along the way. And if I can’t figure it out, I know I have many friends I can call for an explanation!

Peyton Lambton - Babies
Credit: Peyton Lambton

Now that we are in the home stretch, I am feeling very anxious. The anticipation of labor and breastfeeding is starting to take over.

Will my water break?

How much pain will I be able to handle?

Will I be able to breastfeed?

All of these questions constantly flood my mind, and I am so anxious to have answers. I’m not going into labor with a designated birth plan because I want to be flexible. I know things change at a moment’s notice, and I am prepared to trust my midwife and doctors to advise me.

While a natural birth is something I would like to try, I know that there isn’t a medal at the end, and if I need pain meds or an epidural, I am totally open to that. The most important thing is delivering this baby as safely as possible. I am really looking forward to the first moments that I get to spend skin to skin with my babe.

Peyton Lambton - Babies
Credit: Amy Headington/Images of Grace Photography

To pass the time, I have been in full nesting mode. Every piece of clothing and every blanket has been washed. I have reorganized the drawers and moved things around in the nursery multiple times just to make sure everything is perfect.

There’s lots already in place, like the adorable bedding and drapes Carousel Designs sent me that I can’t help but smile every time I see. The nursery is only missing a couple of items; next up The Container Store’s Contained Home Services offered to install an elfa closet — and then the nursery will finally be finished.

Then I am sure I will rearrange the room again because that is where I channel my energy these days.

My hospital bag is packed with comfy clothes, a speaker for music, essential oils, slippers, a pillow and my favorite blanket. I even have my Skip Hop diaper bag I was gifted packed with multiple outfits for our little one. Options are key because we don’t know the sex and we also don’t know what size will fit in the beginning. Chris was a good-sized baby, and I was a pretty fat or “healthy” baby with lots of rolls, so I know the various sizes will be necessary.

Peyton Lambton - Babies
Credit: Amy Headington/Images of Grace Photography

Until this baby decides to make its grand entrance, I am just going to take it easy and try to get as much rest as possible.

While I feel better now than I have my entire pregnancy, I am starting to experience back pain and restless nights. I know it comes with the territory, and it gives me an excuse to get prenatal massages as often as I can.

All I can do now is wait.

Hopefully not too much longer!