By peoplestaff225
Updated October 17, 2007 03:03 AM

If quality and comfort are the first two things you think ofwhen you think of well-made children’s clothing then Petit Bateau is aline you need to look into.

Already well-known in Europe,Petit Bateau products are founded on quality and comfort. The brand isrenowned for its superior soft knits as well as its heritage stripes, both thinand wide. The heritage stripe is the milleraies stripe or thousand stripes.It is a colored knit that can be boiled. They are thin horizontal stripes thatPetit Bateau is recognized for.

I recently got my hands on the fall line and was amazed notonly by how cute it was but also by how soft it was. It’s most definitely the kind of thing youwant to put on a newborn and I especially love the quality of the undergarments for my 2-year-old.

Nowadays you can find Petit Beateau in mom-sizes too!Though it has traditionally always been a children’s label, Petit Bateauhas become a favorite among grown ups as well when some ten years ago, KarlLagerfeld outfitted models with Petit Bateau children t-shirts under Chanelsuits.

These days the line is becoming almost as famous as thepeople who wear it!

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes (pictured) areboth fans of Petit Bateau. Suriwore Petit Bateau for the now famous Vanity Fair photo shoot and isoften photographed wearing the brand. Evenmom Katie has been seen sporting the iconic Petit Bateau mariniere!

Angie Harmon also loved the milleraies stripetops her daughters, Finley Faith and Avery Gracewore for their photo shoot in the September issue of Cookie(pictured here).

Other celebrity a-listers that have been photographed wearing Petit Bateauinclude Rachel Weisz’s sonHenry Chance (pictured),Apple and Moses Martin, James Wilke Broderick, BarronTrump, Kingston Rossdale, Violet Affleck and Eden and SavannahMahoney (Marcia Cross’ girls).

This is definitely the kind of line you want to stock up on, even if just foronesies and undershirts.

Check out the website for a list of retailers and a fullselection of the line: