By peoplestaff225
Updated October 22, 2008 12:00 PM

As one of the oldest actors on the set of his new movie Twilight, the playful teasing of being referred to as "dad" by his costars does not faze Peter Facinelli, as he is thrilled to finally be a part of a movie that "I can actually have my kid [daughter Luca Bella] see." Sharing that Luca is "really, really excited," Peter, 34, says that his daughter has read the first book, and although she is looking forward to reading the rest of the vampire series, the 11-year-old will — temporarily — be kept in suspense. While Peter explains that Luca is still "a little young for the content" in the sequels, he wanted to grab her attention with the first book so that she would be prepared for the movie. "When you start reading the others, you get the bigger picture, but you lose sight of the first one on its own," says Peter.

In addition to the excitement of watching her first movie starring her dad, Peter — who was instructed to stay out of the sun for his role as a vampire, forcing him to take "the kids to school in a hat and glasses and a hood" — explains that he is relieved that his children finally are able to understand what their parents do for a living.

In addition to Luca, Peter has daughters Lola Ray, 5 ½, and Fiona Eve, 2, with wife Jennie Garth. Twilight is in theaters November 21st.

Source: Premiere