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Updated September 17, 2008 09:00 AM

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Having gained celebrity status in England and becoming increasingly recognizable in the United States, Peter André would be willing to give that all up in a second "as long as my family was okay, that’s all that matters." Although his singing career has him traveling the globe, Peter is at his best when he is in the family’s kitchen "with lots of surfaces, so I can spread everything out and make a big chef’s mess!" Enjoying his time making "traditional Greek meals, and big barbecues, and eating with all the family," the 35-year-old can’t help but feel that "having a family has definitely brought my wife, Katie, and I even closer together." When the skilled chef and his brood with Katie Jordan PriceHarvey Daniel, 6, Junior Savva, 3, and Princess Tiáamii, 14 months — aren’t enjoying the edible creations, they can often be found snuggled up to "watch a good movie in our cinema room." While Peter admits to being "a big fan of gangster films," having three kids means Disney movies for the family! "Obviously we go with what the kids want, unless they’ve gone to bed," says Peter.

Sharing that "music has meant the world to me ever since I can remember," Peter was delighted when Katie purchased a baby grand piano calling it "the best present ever." Not only has the singer been able to get his kids involved in his music by teaching them the lyrics, he has also managed to form a special bond with Harvey, who was diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia and multiple pituitary hormone deficiency. Reveals Peter,

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