August 14, 2018 08:00 AM
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What do you and the Royal Family (in the photo above) have in common? Aside from the fact that you probably didn’t have to go wave to hordes of screaming fans and photographers mere hours after giving birth, the answer is, well, everything – at least, when parenthood is involved.

There’s almost nothing more universal than the experience of having and raising children; as it turns out, even princesses can have extreme morning sickness (and princesses’ princesses can throw tantrums for onlookers while Mom tries to keep it all together). And what parent couldn’t relate with a laugh to the video of Prince William nodding off at an event days after welcoming home a newborn?

That’s all to say, whether A-lister or type-A Classroom Mom: We’ve all been there. And we know you know, because we see the way you support celebrity parents and “everyday” moms alike in their quest to fight body shaming, normalize breastfeeding, support women who are dealing with infertility struggles and celebrate in the joy of welcoming a new life into the world.

We love the positive, enthusiastic, energetic, funny and engaged community of parents in our Facebook and Instagram comments. We especially love the way you lift up celebrity kids, “everyday” kids and the awesome parents who raise them; you swap tips with each other in the comments; you’re as eager to share the latest cute pics of Stormi as you are to share difficult but important parenting information.

That’s why we’re renaming People Babies to be People Parents: because we want it to be a celebration of and place to congregate for this extraordinary community of moms and dads that spans from L.A. to Louisiana. (Not to mention: Some of your favorite celebrities’ kids are no longer babies – and they’re just as fun to follow up on!)

So, in addition to the breaking celebrity baby news, gorgeous nursery tours and heartwarming photos you rely on us for, we’ll be adding some new features (including lots of service and helpful information) you’re going to love, including:

  • The People Parents Squad: 18 of your favorite celebrities have signed on to share their best advice, most genius tips and answer your toughest questions. (Meet the squad here!)
  • A People Expert Squad: From pediatricians to celebrity nannies, we’ve got pros on call to react to the biggest parenting news of the day and provide answers to the random thoughts that keep you up at night.
  • The One: Editors, pros, celebrities and more will be picking The One item they can’t live without that makes their job a little easier. (Who knew Mindy Kaling was a baby-food making pro?)
  • How I Parent: People across America will be sharing a look into their lives, giving a glimpse at the details that unite us while opening a window into their diverse, amazingly unique families.
  • Moms Get Real: Because we love when Celeb Moms Get Real, we’ll be revealing the most relatable, cringeworthy, fist-pumping and inspiring moments from the Target checkout aisles and late-night feeds.
  • No Stupid Questions: We won’t judge your Google history; we’ve all been there. Instead, we’ll answer everything you’ve ever wondered about parenthood, from the best way to give a newborn a bath to how to actually make friends with other parents to what you really need to know about Fortnite.

And most importantly, we promise to do it in the same spirit that this community has: Supportive, encouraging, friendly and positive – and we promise to do it without losing our sense of humor or commitment to being the best, most trustworthy source in your news feed. First up: Back-to-school time, with exclusive content from our latest issue, on stands Friday. Stay tuned all week for gorgeous celeb pics, genius organizing tips and more.

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