February 20, 2009 10:00 AM

This one’s a classic, folks — Peg Perego Pliko P3 Classico Stroller. It includes great features as adjustable handles, a large shopping basket, child snack tray, footrest for an older child to stand on, great suspension, deep recline and a full canopy sunshade.

Putting it Together:
Attach the front and back wheels, shopping basket, canopy and child tray. The parent cup holder can be attached to either side of the stroller — with the attachment on each side near the handles.

The Ride:
The suspension was terrific. I was able to push it one-handed, while holding my older child’s hand. I loved that I could also have him ride on the non-skid footrest, behind the seat.

The Seat:
The seat was comfortable and ultra padded. The front seat has four positions, including a deep (but not flat) recline. The child tray can be swung out by releasing the large button under the left side of the tray, which was wonderful for loading the seated child in and out. Want to use the P3 as a travel system? The P3 uses Peg Perego’s Ganciomatic System –attach Peg Perego’s Primio Viaggio SIP Car Seat (sold separately) using the Ganciomatic fastener hooks, which are tucked into the corner of the seat. Just make sure the P3’s seat is in the deepest recline.

The forward-facing footrest was very sturdy. Make sure your younger child is loaded into the front seat, before your older child stands onto the footrest. The older child must make sure they hold on securely to the handles.

The large shopping basket is best accessed from the front and will hold a maximum of 11 pounds.

Sun/Weather Exposure:
The sunshade was full coverage and tilted practically all the way down. The rain cover and mosquito netting (both sold separately) zips onto the front of the canopy.

The Fold:
This stroller has a umbrella fold. To fold: raise the backrest if lowered, then pull one lever up and then the other until it releases, then grip the central handle and pull it upward until it closes. The folded stroller will be able to stand upright. To unfold: pull up the two levers on the handles and at the same time, lift the stroller, which will open automatically.

Pros: This is an excellent neighborhood and in-and-out of the car stroller. The footrest was a huge plus. The stroller folds very easily and stands up on its own. It’s a great stroller for plane travel (just get a stroller carry bag for the plane) and the fold is perfect for fitting into a car’s trunk.

Cons: At 18.5 pounds, and even with the carry handle, it’s not my first choice for public transportation or really rough terrain.

Final Verdict: The Pliko P3 Classico Stroller’s features make it an excellent  all-around stroller choice.  We loved the footrest for our older child to hitch a ride on, excellent sun canopy and easy fold/unfold.


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