Peekaboo Beans: Playwear for kids on the grow

These cute clothes arrived at my house in a very cool package, a silver Peekaboo Beans lunch box with a box of double-sided crayons, both of which my son loved, took from me immediately and has been playing with ever since. The clothes themselves are just as cool and just as much fun. The two pieces I received, the "Tumble Reversible Pant" (shown at left with the "Sharp Tooth" Top) and "Mischevious Hoodie", are from the Peakaboo Beans Fall 07 Whimsical Woods collection. The pants reverse from brown to green and are very soft and stretchy, yet seem like they’ll put up with lots of long term wear and tear. The hoodie is really nice with green 2-way patch pockets and a lined hood. It’s made of the same comfy, stretchy material and is sure to hold up through lots of play. Finn’s way too big for the samples and Grae’s still a bit small, so I didn’t get to test them out with any real play, but I really can’t wait to give them a more complete try out on Grae as soon as he’s a big enough to fill them. He’s just starting to crawl, so the pants will be great for him. The cut is really good for little bodies to move and play in and the wide waistband with a drawstring will stay put without being restrictive.

Also part of the Peekaboo Beans Fall 07 collection are Spell Casting for boys and Daydreaming and Fanciful Forest for girls. All are very cool and are designed to easily mix, match and coordinate. For example, the two boy collections contain the same designs, but are based on different color schemes. In addition to the whimsical titles, the clothes are all made with your child in mind. Designed for ease of use and comfort, they offer so many detailed features including flat seamless stitching, no snaps or buttons, wide waistbands and reflective piping, that there are just way too many to mention. They are designed to be easy for you and your child to get on and off and made to be comfortable and durable, as well as stylish and fun. And to make it all even more appealing a part of their proceeds goes to charity, United Way’s “Success by 6”. I can’t wait to see the Spring 08 line which takes its inspiration from Japan.

To see more Peekaboo Beans visit the website, While there, you can also read their newsletter and take a look at the activities page. Peekaboo Beans is available online at

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