Peas Cold Therapy: Like a Bag of Frozen Peas Except Cuter

Seizing on the popular use of packs of frozen peas to provide flexible cold treatment for boo-boos, CVS/pharmacy has introduced Peas Cold Therapy ($6) in shapes that kids will love like a fish, duck, and starfish. Sure, you could use still use real peas but Peas Cold Therapy for kids are more useful for wrapping around a tiny finger or knee than a whole bag of vegetables, plus these latex-free cold packs that have pea-like beads stay colder longer than traditional bags of peas and they’re reusable. And if you’re like me, you never have frozen peas on hand anyway! Anya loves the fish one and even asks for it whenever she hurts herself.

Peas Cold Therapy isn’t just for kids — they have ankle, knee, wrist and lower back cold packs ($10-25) for adults as well.

— Danielle

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