Pearl Lowe writes memoir, lashes out at Gavin Rossdale

Nicknamed ‘Dyson’ for her vacuum-like ability to snort cocaine, singer Pearl Lowe is now clean and sober, and the author of a candid new book detailing her drug-fueled exploits in London at the height of her fame. In the memoir, Pearl admits to doing drugs while pregnant with son Frankie, 7, to doing a line of cocaine in celebration of his successful birth, to smoking heroin while her kids — which at the time included daughter Daisy, 18 and son Alfie, 10 — were at school.

The nanny was their mum for four years and she was incredible.  I don’t know how she lasted.  I was a mess.

Pearl kicked her drug habit for good two years ago, and has since had a daughter, Betty, 19-months; The baby, along with Alfie and Frankie, are the product of Pearl’s longtime relationship with musician Danny Goffey.

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Daisy, on the other hand, was the result of a teen-aged one-night-stand with singer Gavin Rossdale, whom Pearl describes as her onetime "best friend." Any fond feelings she might have had for the Bush frontman — now husband to Gwen Stefani –appear to have dissipated after Gavin reportedly ceased communicationwith Daisy, his former goddaughter, after her true parentage wasrevealed.

In May 2003, he called and said he needed to meet me. The following dayhe explained to [me] that a paternity test had been at the back of hismind for some time. Because he and Gwen planned to start a family, hefelt it wastime to get his house in order. He could not have been sweeter aboutthe whole thing. ‘If it turns out that she is mine, then I think weneed to look at getting her some counseling. She’s just a child andthis could be very disruptive for her.’

We decided we would not tell Daisy, then 14, what was going on unlessGavin turned out to be her father. As far as she was aware she wasgoing to have a mouth swab for a routine check. I rang Gavin the next day to find out when he was free to takethe test. There was no answer, so I left a message. At first I wasn’tconcerned that I hadn’t heard back from him, but as the weeks passedwithout any response, I knew that something was wrong.

I told Gavin I felt I had no choice but to pursue the matter of Daisy’spaternity through my lawyers. He was not happy. Rather than agree tothe test, he told me he never wanted to see me again and hung up.

Two weeks later I received a letter from him implying that I was tryingto ruin his life and pointedly accusing me of messing up my own. I was angry and hurt. All I wanted to do was discover mychild’s heritage.

After two months of wrangling between our respective lawyers, Gavinfinally agreed to the test. My lawyer rang six weeks later to tell methe news. I wasn’t that surprised. Although she hadn’t said as much,I knew deep in her heart Daisy was longing for Gavin to be her father.There had always been a connection between them – he had come to herschool sports days, parent-teacher meetings and watched her act inplays.

He came to her  parties when he was in town and always boughther a present – he had played a major role in her life. ‘Are you sure?’Daisy beamed when I told her the result. ‘Certain,’ I said.

Later that day I emailed Gavin. There was no response. When Daisyeventually succeeded in speaking to him, Gavin appeared more concernedwith venting his anger about my behavior than engaging with hisdaughter.

All this was very hard on Daisy. She spent most days in tears but it isa testimony to her maturity and strength of character that after sheovercame her initial hurt she got on with her life.

Meanwhile, Daisy persevered with Gavin, determined to forge some kindof relationship, and things did get better. From time to time, he wouldask her round to his house.

It had never been my intention to ask Gavin for maintenance for Daisy –after all, Danny had taken care of her for nearly ten years. However mysolicitor suggested I consider getting Gavin to help with Daisy’sfuture. After the paternity test I was loath to contact him again, but I couldsee my solicitor had a point so negotiations began. It took more than ayear, and a day in court, to agree a reasonable settlement.

I was sad about losing Gavin from my life. There was a timewhen he had been my rock. I’d look at Daisy and see so much of him inher: the way she walked, talked, her height and frame.

It’s been a traumatic time for us.  I lost my best friend, Daisylost her godfather and doesn’t have a dad.  And she’s lost self worth.Because when someone rejects you like that, you wonder what’s wrongwith you.  I really don’t care if I never see him again.  He’s beenincredibly vile.  He saw Daisy at first, but he was always rude to her,he made it feel like it was her fault.  It was her 18th  andthere was no present, no phone call, nothing.

And when he had his baby with Gwen, Daisy’s half-brother, hedidn’t even tell her.  She’s never seen the baby.  Not to takeresponsibility and not to let your daughter even meet her grandparentsand see her heritage is pretty sick.

Source: Times Online; The Daily Mail

CBB reader Jenny emails to let us know there are new photos of Daisy and her boyfriend posing for I-D magazine’s couple issue at Oh No They Didn’t,for anyone who’d like to see a recent image. We will not be posting adirect link to the post as the photos are sexually graphic.

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