Peanut Shell's New Nursing Covers and Baby Wraps

Danielle, our publisher, gave me my first pouch-style sling almost 2 years ago. It was a fleecy light green Peanut Shell Pouch-style Sling and I loved wearing my then- infant son in it. She and our Reviews Editor, Teba, showed me how to wear it properly. Marcia Cross, Brooke Shields, Dayna Devon, Jenna Elfman and Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) are all fans of the Peanut Shell Baby Slings.

Now, poised on the end of my second pregnancy, I was delighted to learn that the company now makes stylish nursing covers and baby wraps, in addition to their gorgeous pouch-style slings. I recently tested out the Red Yoko Nursing Cover and the Girly Skull Baby Wrap.

The nursing cover in the Red Yoko print ($29) was adorable and very well made. The cover has light boning on the top (so you can see baby, but people can’t see your goodies).It’s is made of a light cotton fabric that was comfortable against my skin (and I’m sure it will be comfortable against my new baby’s). The bottom corners each have a storage pocket made of a soft cotton jersey fabric. The cover also comes with a matching burp cloth – how cool is that!! I liked that you could match their nursing covers to the pouch slings. I like to match things, so I will probably order the matching sling after baby comes. The nursing cover folded up very small (as does the pouch sling), making it easy to tuck in your diaper bag. This nursing cover is perfect as a stocking stuffer or a belated Hanukkah present.

I also tested out the Girly Skull Baby Wrap ($99) – a voluminous black baby wrap with a girly skull applique. I liked this wrap a lot (having only used the Ultimate Baby Wrap before). According to the Peanut Shell’s website, the wrap "utilizes both shoulders, for a 2 shouldered carry that evenly distributes the weight across both shoulders and your back. The design is a long cascade of specialty stretchy fabric that you wrap around your body to create the perfect carry for you and your baby." Even being 8+ months pregnant when I tested this out, it held my 24 pound squirmy toddler sturdily and I still had fabric to spare. The 2 shouldered carry really supported his weight and took the natural strain of carrying him off my back and shoulders. Just remember to spread the fabric out over your back. Using the wrap to carry Ben was easier than carrying him around in my arms. I think a wrap is perfect to use with a newborn/infant, I intend to use this when my daughter arrives in January. Having my hands free will be great with a toddler!

There are two other choices for wraps with appliques – Riding in Style – a blue, teal and crystal motorcycle image or Cupcake Couture. If you prefer, you can also get a black solid colored wrap for $69.

Exclusive for CBB Readers: Order now through December 15th and use promo code PSWINTER for 10% off (retail only). Valid through 12.15.07.

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