By peoplestaff225
Updated September 30, 2009 04:00 PM

I like to consider myself a baby accessory connoisseur. But until the Peanut Shell‘s Bessie Heirloom Baby Sling ($139) crossed my path, I had never seen an infant carrier with ruffles.

Now, after fawning over it for days and wearing it repeatedly, I see what a shame that is.

But this pretty sling isn’t just about the looks. It’s also super comfy — it’s made of a soft pink linen and lined with jersey.

Available in two sizes (XS/S and M/L), this pouch-style carrier is cut generously and works well for newborns up to toddlers. I could tote my 19-month-old daughter around in it with ease. Because it’s a little roomier than some pouches, be sure to measure carefully when choosing a size or size down if you’re in doubt.

These carriers combine style and comfort (for you and baby) beautifully. And even if ruffles aren’t your cup of tea, Peanut Shell has lots of lovely slings to choose from.

Stephanie, mama to a 4-year-old contrarian son and a 1-year-old philosopher daughter, is a crunchy, urban Canadian who loves all things green, gadgety and glam