In her first blog, the actress introduces her family - and tries to remember what it's like being pregnant.

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Updated December 02, 2020 07:08 PM

Courtesy Paula Garces

Please give a warm welcome to our new celebrity blogger, Paula Garces!

Widely known for her role in the Harold & Kumar franchise, the actress currently stars in Lifetime’s new hit show, Devious Maids, as well as All My Children.

In addition to acting, Garces, 39, is the mastermind behind the first Latina superhero video game, Aluna.

Already mom to daughter Skye, 21, Garces is currently expecting another baby — a son!– with husband Antonio Hernandez in November.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my very first baby blog! Please let me introduce the characters in my life.

ME: Born in New York, but raised in Medellin, Colombia and Spanish Harlem, N.Y.C.

MY DAUGHTER: My sweet Skye is 21. Yes, you read correctly — she is 21 years old. (I will get into that story in a second!) She is not only gorgeous on the outside, but she has the most beautiful heart and soul on the inside.

Skye is a free spirit, forgiving and tolerant of all. She’s ready for adventure, so open-minded, curious, smart and so excited about life and ready for love. (I’m not ready for that part in her life — she’s my lil’ big girl.)

Skye is in her third year of college and is a TV and film major — the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She is super talented and full of ideas. I am so proud of her. She truly is the inspiration of my life — she is the reason why I am the woman I am today. Skye is my everything and her little baby brother-to-be is so lucky to have a big sister like her. Skye, I love you!

MY HUSBAND: Antonio. We’ve been married for 10 years, but have been friends for more then 12 years. The love of my life, my best friend, business partner and an amazing friend and stepdad. I know he will be an amazing father to our son.

I look back and laugh because we met at a dance club in New York City. He’s a fantastic salsa dancer and that’s sexy in my eyes. The thing is, we were very good friends for five years before we even kissed! Talk about persistence (on Tony’s part) and never giving up on me. But when that day arrived … we kissed, it was instant sparks and it’s never stopped! He loves me passionately and being a true Latina, I can’t get enough of it.

Also important to me: My mother Victoria, mother-in-law Carmen, my sister Vanessa (and her kids Lilly, Gabe, Isa and Luca) and my best friend, Stacey.

Okay, now that you know my inner circle, let’s go back 21 years. You see, the first time I got pregnant, I was a young girl — I was 17 years old. Although I knew right away that I wanted to keep my child, being a pregnant teen was an extremely scary experience for me. Luckily, my family and friends were very supportive and were there for me every step of the way.

Now that Skye is 21, this is the time when most couples/parents think, “GREAT, FREEDOM! Let’s do us as a couple with NO kids.” But the truth is, my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for four years. Now, four years — and two miscarriages — later this beautiful bump is a miracle for us! This November, Skye, Tony and I will welcome a baby boy.

Courtesy Paula Garces

Although I am over six months pregnant, I am busier than ever with work. I just finished my last three episodes of Devious Maids on Lifetime. I’m currently filming All My Children for OWN network and I’m also just been on location in Toronto filming an episode of Warehouse13 on Syfy. And that’s just work in front of the camera!

Behind the camera, I debuted my comic book hero Aluna at San Diego’s Comic Con in July, did a few signing sessions with the fans, attended a few events, did some interviews and recorded the voice for the online video game character.

I am also working with Allegory Media, Sekret Agent productions (Assassins Creed writers) and my team from Further Lane Productions on the new Aluna trilogy books that must be ready by October this year — when I’m 8½ months along.

Do you think I have a full plate? I know it’s a lot — especially while six months pregnant — but I am grateful and blessed.

After 21 years — wow. I forgot how it felt to be pregnant! Everything I ate in the first trimester seems to leave a bad taste in my mouth — it’s called dysgeusia. It may sound disgusting, but it’s a very common symptom for pregnant women. I literally had to sleep with a spitting bucket next to my bed –I guess I know what a cowboy that chews tobacco feels like.

It’s not easy spitting and feeling sick around my husband — especially at bedtime. But it comes with the territory of being pregnant. I’ve read that some mothers-to-be don’t experience these symptoms at all … All I have to say is that they are really lucky and should try playing Lotto.

I’m now in the middle of my second trimester and my body has really started to change. I can feel and see the weight gain coming. My first instinct was to go and sweat it off at the gym, but because of my last two miscarriages, I’m following my doctor’s advice to take it easy.

I am eager to go to my next appointment, so I can discuss with her the possibility of starting to exercise. You see, I believe it’s very important to try to keep up with a light workout regimen throughout the pregnancy for many reasons:

1. I’m Latina and I love my Spanish food

2. Crazy pregnancy cravings

3. I would like to fit back into the skinny jeans I bought before I got pregnant

4. I already have work lined up for 2014 in front of the camera

Thank you guys for reading my first blog. Stay tuned for my next one, which will be more in-depth on this beautiful journey I call “Creation of Life.”


— Paula Garces

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