January 18, 2007 11:58 AM

Paul Sorvino, father to Oscar winning actress Mira Sorvino, and an actor known for his work in the film Goodfellas, doesn’t play when it comes to his children’s safety. On Jan. 3, during a spat between his daughter and her ex-boyfirend, he reportedly pulled a gun on the boyfriend.

Tuesday, Paul’s daughter, 36-year-old Amanda Sorvino, testified that her father pulled the gun on 21-year-old Daniel Snee, after he continued to beat on her hotel door, threatening to kill her.

Amanda says she called her father and the police, after locking herself in the bathroom, and that Paul showed up first with his gun.

"He got in my father’s face and said, ‘Go ahead, Paul, shoot, I ain’t done nothing wrong,’" Sorvino told a judge in Monroe County, P.A.

Once the police arrived, they calmed the situation and arrested the boyfriend as well as issuing a protection-from-abuse order against him. Paul was carrying the gun legally.

Looks like Papa Paul is a Goodfella when it comes to protecting his girls!

Source: People

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