Paul Bettany Wants to Be a Cool Dad

Actor Paul Bettany was looking for a lighter film and something that sons Kai, 11, and Stellan, 5, would be able to watch, so he felt it kismet that he would be reading the script for Inkheart at the same time Kai was reading it. “I wanted to make a movie, finally, that my children can see. I mean, they’ve been on set with me when I’ve made a lot of movies, but none I would let them see at this point,” notes Paul. He adds, “I wanted it to be an intelligent kids movie. And I found one — and my son happened to be reading the novel at the same time, so it all kind of worked out for us.” The book “had been recommended by someone at [Kai’s] school” and since he was reading, Paul “thought, in an entirely cynical way, I would make him think I was really cool” if he took on the role.

The 37-year-old may not have had to take on the role though, because thanks to his part in the film Iron Man, Kai already thinks he is cool.

“Yeah, that was annoying how cool he thought that was. Everything else I’ve done, but ‘Dad, you were the voice of Iron Man!’ … That’s a whole other genre of movie. I’ve done enough of that.”

Paul is married to actress Jennifer Connelly. Kai’s father is photographer David Dugan.

Source: Reelz Channel

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