Passions star McKenzie Westmore pregnancy update

Update: McKenzie Westmore has revealed the due date, sex, and name of her baby to be to TV Guide. She says, "The due date is June 1 right now…With the ultrasounds they’re doing, it may be a little sooner.

It’s a boy, and his name is Maddox. I looked it up online and it means champion and son of God. What a cool name with such a beautiful meaning behind it! I told my husband, and he loved it. But then my sister goes, ‘Uh, you know that’s Angelina Jolie‘s baby’s name, don’t you?’ I didn’t even realize that. Oh well! [Jolie] doesn’t have a patent on that name."

McKenzie also says that she expects Passions will recast her character of Sheridan while she is on maternity leave over the summer. Don’t you hate when soaps do that?!?

Source: TV Guide

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Oh boy, I’m so excited! Passions star McKenzie Westmore, who plays Sheridan Crane, and her musician husband Seven (no relation to Eryka Badu and Andre 3000’s son Seven, I assume) are expecting a baby boy in late May or early June. "We’re so excited," McKenzie said. "Both of us are thrilled to become parents. This has made the holiday season extra special for us this year."

Ironically, McKenzie’s character Sheridan can never seem to catch a break- she is always searching for her missing son Marty and she and her longtime companion Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald are either always missing or presumed dead. I am looking forward to seeing how the pregnancy will be handled on the show. Passions is my favorite soap (actually the only one I watch) because it is quite possibly the corniest show on television.

McKenzie is the second Passions actor to announce baby news lately- the first was her Passions nephew, Ethan, played by Eric Martsolf, and his real life wife Lisa who are expecting twin boys in March.


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