By peoplestaff225
Updated May 08, 2007 06:43 AM

An attempt by the 16-year-old daughter of singer Annie Lennox to host a quaint ‘get-together’ while dad Uri Fruchtmann was out of town recently went horribly awry, after more than 100 of her classmates caught wind of Lola Lennox-Fruchtmann’s plans via MySpace and crashed the party at Uri’s $4 million North London home. According to the Daily Mail, party-goers urinated on the carpets, spray-painted graffiti on the walls, and ripped apart books — among other things.

Annie’s marriage to Uri ended in divorce in 2000 after 12 years of marriage; The couple also have another daughter, 13-year-old Tali. Despite the separation, Annie and Uri agreed collectively to share the bill for repairing the damages caused by Lola’s party and have grounded their daughter indefinitely.