August 25, 2014 10:00 AM

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While he just became a father for the sixth time, doting dad — and The Expendables actor — Kelsey Grammer says expanding his brood even further isn’t out of the question.

“I can’t imagine not trying for more because it’s been incredible,” Grammer, who welcomed son Gabriel Elias with wife Kayte in July, tells PEOPLE. “As soon as [he] came out, Kayte and I were going, ‘Yeah, let’s do another one.'”

Grammer is also dad to daughter Faith Evangeline Elisa, 2, with Kayte, and has four other children — Spencer, 30, Greer, 22, Mason, 12, and Jude, 9 — from previous relationships.

The Partners star, 59, notes the latest addition to the family is settling in just fine. “Gabriel’s fantastic … He is a lovely kid. He’s been real easy and agreeable,” he says, adding one family member is still adjusting.

“[Faith] is having a little more trouble than anybody else … she realizes that her world has been chopped in half,” he says. “This wrinkle, I think, pushed her over the edge a bit.”

However, Faith seems to be warming up to her 5-week-old brother: “She kisses the baby all the time,” Grammer says.

And while he’s got a packed schedule with a TV series and a summer blockbuster, even Grammer isn’t exempt from diaper duty.

“I do more of Faith’s now, and [Kayte] has been pretty hands-on with Gabriel stuff. That’ll even out in time,” he says. “The bigger jobs are the ones I’m usually asked to do — the phrase now is, ‘Daddy, there’s a poop.’ So, that’s the one I’m in charge of.”

Dirty diapers aside, Grammer is just enjoying the ride and loving being a dad. “It’s just this overwhelming gratification of being close to life like this. It just gives you such hope and joy,” he says. “I’ve never felt more alive or more serenely happy than in the throes of life with these young people. I really enjoy it.”

— Jeff Nelson


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