By peoplestaff225
Updated November 24, 2009 04:00 PM

The past year has shaped up to be quite the eventful whirlwind for Parminder Nagra! Not only did she and her longtime boyfriend James Stenson finally tie the knot in January, the couple welcomed their first child together — Kai David Singh — last May.

“Newlywed, newly mother,” she laughs while talking with Celebrity Baby Blog during the 7th Annual Bag Ladies Luncheon.

Life as a new mom has taken its toll on the former ER actress, who admits that after spending six months at home with her baby boy, she has only just begun to put her “feet back in the water” when it comes to her career. And, according to Parminder, for good reason! “Really, I’ve been so exhausted and he is still not really sleeping through the night,” she shares.

As a result of Kai’s midnight festivities, catching up on shut-eye has become top priority for Parminder. “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” she advises.

With the new family of three settling into their routine, a favorite pastime for the mother-son pair has become quiet moments bonding over baby books. “I love reading him Dr. Seuss,” she reveals. Confessing that she never grows tired of the series, which includes all of the classics, mama says she may be into it more than baby!

“I think I’m enjoying it maybe more than he’s enjoying it. It’s so much fun to read,” she raves. “They’re just amazing. Absolutely timeless. Total genius.”

Elated with first-time motherhood, Parminder notes that the addition of baby has been, for the most part, a smooth transition. “It’s great. He’s so much fun,” she says, adding that one of Kai’s latest milestones includes “giggling a lot now” thanks to the family’s furry friends!

— Anya with reporting by Nina Tyler