By peoplestaff225
Updated August 27, 2007 01:53 PM

Paris Hilton may not be quite ready for motherhood herself, but she knows a good baby product when she sees it. Which is why she picked up some MomSpit for pregnant pal Nicole Ritchie. MomSpit was part of the baby goodies that Paris Hilton bought for Nicole while shopping at Intuition Wednesday afternoon, August 22nd. Intuition Founder Jaye Hershe was on E!News highlighting all the items and she held up a bottle of MomSpit.

MomSpit is a magical fluid (much like the inspiration for the product) that magically makes dirt go bye bye. Even when you are miles from soap and water. It is available in a counter top size($18) or a more portable version that fits in your purse($9). You can use it to quickly get rid of sticky chocolate fingers or erase a milk mustache. It has antimicrobial properties and comes in gently fresh fragrances like green tea and fig, or an unscented variety. Unlike most common hand sanitizers, MomSpit contains no alcohol and is even gentle enough to use on your child’s face. It foams up nicely and absorbs quickly. I can’t say that’s "hot", but I can say, it’s pretty amazing.