Plus, they’re a steal

By Claudia Fisher
October 11, 2019 05:39 PM
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Baby Wipes
Credit: Walmart

For those of us without kids, baby wipes may be an afterthought… or even a not-at-all thought. So, for someone who rarely (if ever) actively has baby wipes on my mind, I was quite surprised to read the customer reviews on one of Walmart’s top-rated packs of baby wipes from its in-house brand, Parent’s Choice.

Not only do the wipes have a near-perfect cumulative rating, five-star reviewers rave about the baby wipes for all their uses that have nothing to do with actual babies (although they also rave about those). Shoppers opt for the Parent’s Choice item for everything from cleaning dogs’ ears to taking makeup off and wiping down surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens, and even cars. Enriched with shea butter, happy customers also tout how easy the wipes are on sensitive skin, limiting irritation without sacrificing cleaning power.

A lot of happy shoppers also compare the Parent’s Choice baby wipes to more expensive versions from bigger name brands, like Huggies, and note the price cannot be beat for such durable, thick wipes. A pack of 800 wipes is priced at $12.88, which means each individual wipe only costs you two cents. And if your storage space is a tad limited, you can also pick up 80 and 240-count packs of the wipes.

In the pack of 800 wipes, you’ll find eight smaller sets of 100 wipes, making them easy to distribute to areas you need a quick refresh the most: one pack for your gym bag, one in the car, another behind your bathroom mirror — you get the point. Whether to wipe your face after a tough workout or to wipe down the handles on an elliptical before you start your workout, you’ll be happy to have the wipes on hand when faced with the slightly grosser aspects or your day.

No matter how grown-up you are, a pack of these baby wipes might just be the quick, easy, and cheap answer to many of your everyday dirt and grime woes.