Paparazzi-proof your baby like a celeb


Keeping their brand new offspring protected from the glaring eye of the media is an occupational hazard of celebrities, but one that perhaps we can all appreciate. Perhaps that is what inspired this adorable, and humorous "Step off Paparazzi" tee from Baby Brewing ($14).

Even if you are not Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and People and Vanity Fair aren’t engaged in a bidding war over "first look" rights, odds are that everyone in your universe is going to be clamoring to get a good look at your new baby. And sometimes, in certain situations, your baby just is not ready for his/her debut. New parents are (rightfully) protective of how and when their babies are seen. Sometimes you just want to protect your baby from the over-interested onlookers, would-be cheek pinchers and sticky fingered toddlers in an older sibling’s preschool class. Or then again, maybe you are a bona fide celebrity and looking for a more reliable cover-up than the old "drape the blankie over the car seat". Because you’d hate to let Vanity Fair down. Rest assured, we’ve got the goods to keep your little star covered.

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Baby in a Bubble: If you are looking to keep your baby safe from wind, rain, sun and bugs, as well as the flashbulbs of fame and fortune, then check out UPPABaby’s new pop up Bubble infant car seat cover ($19.99). It attaches in an instant and boasts a universal fit that works with most infant car seats. It also folds up into its own carrying case for those times when baby is having a really good hair day.


Kozy and covered: Looking for a solution that’s equal parts fashion and function? The infant car seat covers from MyKozy ($124) are carefully crafted from beautiful fabrics and have a hidden asset. Tucked away neatly inside the hood cover is an attached blanket that keeps your baby covered and protected. You never have to worry about it slipping off or falling on the ground. The car seat cover is reversible as well, so you get two looks for one price. These covers also boast a universal fit but we find they pair best with Graco car seats.


Baby in Orbit: If your superstar tyke is lucky enough to be strolling in the first class Orbit Travel System ($900), they are already prepared to go incognito as needed. Orbit’s infant car seats are designed with their own uniquely integrated sunshade/paparazzi shield. A favorite celebrity stroller choice (Tori Spelling is frequently photographed with hers) it is easy to see why a product like this would appeal. Bodyguard sold separately.


See and don’t Bee seen: You may have already heard the buzz about Bugaboo’s new Bee Stroller ($529). Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani have chosen to push this well received compact and nimble stroller. As a fringe benefit, they are enjoying the over-sized canopy that provides more kid-coverage than other strollers. While it does not offer full coverage like some of the other options, it’s a good choice for those times when your toddler needs to catch a few zzz’s.


Made in the BellahMay shade: These sunshades from boutique designer BellahMay ($80) attach to your stroller and cover and protect your child from the sun’s rays and stranger’s prying eyes. But they do more than that — they also give your old stroller an instant style makeover and provide you with a handy place to stash your own disposable camera and giant, paparazzi-proof sunglasses. The sunshade folds up into it’s own attached carrying bag, and when unfolded and attached, that bag turns into additional storage. BellahMay sunshades come in a wide variety of fashion fabric combos and are reversible so you get two looks for the money. This one may not be the best choice for those truly looking to avoid attention, but hey, a little celebrity is almost always a good thing!

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