Pampers Swaddlers: The magical diaper for us!

by CBB guest reviewer Keila

When I had my daughter I tried many different diapers in search for the right one, only to try Pampers Swaddlers when she was already growing out of them. With my second child, a son, I knew from the start that he would be a Pampers Swaddlers baby.

This is the magical diaper for us! Pampers Swaddlers has an amazingly soft quilted cloth-like cover that literally "swaddles" the baby in softness. Even the leak barriers on the legs feel like soft cloth. The quilted cover is a great way to blanket the baby in softness as well as protect his skin. You must see it to believe it. They have easy-to-adjust fasteners so that no matter what the baby’s size is, he or she will get a personal and comfortable fit! The fasteners have Velcro so that they easily attach and un-attach from the waist band. I love the fact that these fasteners are soft and overlapping. Even the tiniest baby can have a custom fit by overlapping the fasteners.

The legs of these diapers have two leak barriers. The barriers surround the entire leg of the diaper, trapping moisture and preventing leaks.

There is an Absorb Away Liner to help lock in wetness keeping baby comfy and dry. I tested it out and it really works. I poured 2 ounces of water into a dry diaper and within 40 seconds the water was fully absorbed. That’s when my curiosity sparked. I thought the liner was just the mesh-like layer in the inside of the diaper, but when I ripped that open, I found the Absorb Away Liner. Under that was a real cotton-like material, and under that, was the part of the diaper with the gel, that absorbs everything (see picture). With other diapers that gel like material is found closer to the surface, and that’s why sometimes parents find pieces of it on the baby’s bottom. Not with the Pampers Swaddlers! I haven’t once seen this residue on my baby.

My only complaint about this diaper is that they are only made for infants. I wish they made them in all sizes. But that’s OK — They’re especially made for the brand new additions in this world. They are precious and need to be treated with the best. No wonder both hospitals that I gave birth in chose Pampers Swaddlers. Pampers Swaddlers is now available in size 2-3, which is up to 22 pounds! I can live with that.

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