Pamela Anderson says no more kids right now

Following their summer reunion and quickie August nuptials, many people expect that Pamela Anderson and new husband Kid Rock might be announcing a pregnancy sometime soon. They’ll be waiting a while, says Pam.

She told People magazine, "A lot of people are saying that. I think that’sjust what happens when you get together, but we already have three(kids), so not yet." How did rumors start? "[I] gained five pounds, maybe." Photos like the one on the left where she had a little belly didn’t hurt!

They’re not ruling babies out all together, though. Says Pam, "You never know. Who knows?"

Pam has two sons with ex-husband Tommy LeeDylan, 8, and Brandon, 10, while Kid has a 16-year-old son, Robert James RitchieJr.

Source: People magazine

Photo for use on CBB courtesy of x17.

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