As 2008 begins, I remind myself to count our myriad of blessings, including those that we enjoy daily, since we live in the greatest era in history to raise a baby. Life with baby is filled with every convenience imaginable — if our great-grandmothers could see how we raise babies now. Disposable diapers (and that alone would probably qualify as the greatest invention in baby care), ready-to-feed baby foods, wipes warmers, disposable bibs, toys and teething gel and too many more to list. (I loved Teba’s review recently of ‘Boogie Wipes‘ never could have conceived of such a wonderful invention!)

Harried parents with infants always open their arms to yet more smart conveniences, and I received a freezer full of them just before my 6-month old was ready to start solids, back in August. But convenience is just the opening act for this eye and taste bud-opening baby food. BoboBaby is a Vancouver-based baby food company that has developed a line of portion-sized frozen baby foods, all of which are certified organic, kosher, age-appropriate, and free of the top nine allergens. They also have some unique recipes to expose your little one’s developing taste buds to flavors and combinations you may never have thought of.

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Kalpna Solanki, the company founder and a fellow mom, has a health,environmental management and business background, all of which led herto develop this frozen baby food line. Besides the product’s vegan,organic and other healthy/allergen-free qualities, the simple recipesare sophisticated, featuring nutritionally dense ‘powerhouse’ foods,not traditionally used for baby, like high protein quinoa.

My living laboratory at home gave BoboBaby’s products arigorous work out. Their twelve varieties are grouped for babies 6months+, 7 months+ and 9 months+. I was impressed by the convenientpackages of small frozen cubes that can be popped out and defrosted asneeded. As easy as it was to pop them out, the film covering the cubespulled back and exposed too many at a time, so I resorted to cuttingout individual cubes with scissors to leave the rest sealed andintact. We tried the Apples and Apples with Oats, which my toddler loved (the baby never went for applesauce of any kind).

The Lentils with Mixed Vegetables were a hit with both the little guy and his big sister, along with the Chickpeas & Tomato Provence. Who would have thought of serving these combos to their kids? I’m gladI did, though, and I credit BoboBaby for making them both huge lentillovers now. I was enthusiastic about the Brown Rice, Mango and Bananacombo — all flavors they liked — but it was rejected, and it was one thatI couldn’t warm up to either. While my kids are open-minded and I’mpleased with the wide variety of foods they eat, there’s still noaccounting for tastes. The Vegetable Medley includes beets and parsnips in its recipe, while other combos include Millet & Banana or Amaranth & Pear. Single vegetables and fruits are in the 6+ month offerings.

If a child’s palate is truly formed within the first two years oflife, then exposing them to a wide and healthful variety of foods,tastes and textures is smart parenting! I am truly impressed withthese quality foods, and will be cheering on BoboBabyas they get wider distribution in retail outlets. The 10-ouncepackages are priced at $5.49 each (12 individual cubes & no wastedjars), or just $3.57 each if you buy 12 or more. BoboBaby products are in stores across Canada, and available direct-shipped to US customers at