The first few times, it was somewhat amusing. While we were in the car, I’d look in the mirror and see Bailey dangling her toy over the edge of her car seat and drop it, looking down in wonder. "Man overboard!" I’d say, trying to make light of what was soon to be a tragic situation. Within a minute, Bailey would start to whine because she had nothing to chomp on, and I’d be reaching my hand into oblivion, trying to search for the lost toy while trying not to hit the car ahead of me.

Then came the Oopsi. It’s a simple design: a pretty ribbon with a small buckle on one side and a Velcro loop on the other. But it’s also pretty ingenious. Whenever I strap baby into her car seat now, I use the Oopsi ($9.95) to strap in whatever her toy of the day is, too. The one end is within my reach, so when she sends her guy off to the abyss, I just grab the strap, tether him toward me and toss him back in her lap. As she gets older, things will be even better when she’ll be able to pull back her toys on her own. Although … I’m guessing it’ll always be more fun for her to watch Mom get it for her.