Oopa Slings

We all know that babywearing has wonderful benefits that include better sleeping and breastfeeding patterns, and it also allows mom, dad, or even a caregiver to multitask without having to put baby down. Aside from the benefits, babywearing has also become a fashion trend over the past couple of years. With gorgeous silk slings from companies like Oopa Baby Slings, how can it not be?

Oopa Baby, taking the more modern, feminine approach on slings, makes their product by hand from luxurious fabrics. Available in styles such as cotton chambray, cotton pique, and silk, these slings come in various colors. The silk slings are said to be the most comfortable with their silk charmuse lining, the 100% cotton pique slings are light-weight and washable, and the chambray slings are the toughest of all with their sporty, durable style that softens with each use.

Celebrity moms Jennifer Garner, Michelle Williams, Brooke Shields, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gwen Stefani all use Oopa Baby Slings.

I just received an Oopa Baby Sling in Chambray with Lime Green Floral. Not only is it beautiful and soft, but it’s surprisingly comfortable for a non-padded sling! I decided to try the Oopa Sling for use with my growing toddler, and I will now recommend it over other brands. There is enough fabric to use this sling well past baby’s first two years, and it’s very easy to adjust. Want to try it for yourself? The slings range in price from $75-$175, and are available at www.oopababy.com.

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