Few gifts are as treasured as a personalized one, especially ones that incorporates photos of the kids. What proud papa or grandpa doesn’t love to show off their beautiful kinder? We’ve pulled together seven of the most interesting new products we’veseen to make shopping for Father’s Day (or birthday or holiday) abreeze. But hurry up because Father’s Day is June 15, and many of thesegifts require some lead time and you may need to do overnight shipping to get them in time.

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Create a "daddy and me" book. If you are creatively inclined, you can make it from scratch or try Picaboo. They offer personalized photo books and cardslike all the others, but offer more design flexibility than mostcompanies You can use any photo ofyour choosing as the background template — allowing any greatphotographer to display their own shots, instead of the generic onesthat are provided. Another thing we love- with their free downloadingsoftware, you can use pictures that are already on your hard drive. Forthose of us who are computer-challenged (or just lazy!), with theirStoryflow feature, just decide the order you want your photos in andsit back as Picaboo does the rest- using your predeterminedtheme, it auto-creates a unique picture book. The only downside is thesoftware is PC-only. (by Anya)

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Who can help but rubberneck when they see a setof cool black and white European license plates? And they allow you toimmediately identify your stroller in a crowd, deter thieves andprovide added safety/reflection for nighttime strolls. Each BabiePlateslicense plate is custom-made with your child’s name and date of birth.You can further customize them with a flag or even a picture of yourchild. Use them on your stroller or find somewhere else to hang yourplates. (by Ciaran)

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Youcan include up to 15 pictures and personalize a message on a Snapfish Collage Mug. Especially fun for the new Dads, to see theretrospective on Junior’s first year, or for Dads with lots of kids.Grandfathers will adore these, too. Mom should be sure to include ahot one of herself, too, if it’s for the hubby. ($9.99, additional mugs of the same design are 25% off, by Reva)


Another charming photo gift is the mahogany stained wood desk organizer from 5" square and 1.75" deep, the organizer has three slots forwriting implements, with a photo displayed on one side in a 4.35"square ceramic tile. Complete the office gift with a photo mousepad. You can have one image cover the whole pad or tile it. ($25, $10)

This gift is both traditional and unique. Magic Dog Studio turns your child’s fingerprint, handprint or footprint into wearable art such as cufflinks and tie tacks for men and necklaces, earrings and bracelets for women. With the Off the Fridge and Out of the Drawer series, they take a piece of artwork by your child and transforms it into abeautiful piece of jewelry. The Prints in Metalseries works under the sameconcept except that instead of using artwork you can have your child’shand prints etched into metal. If jewelry isn’t his thing, Magic Dog Studio can also create awall piece to decorate your home with. (by Teba)


Isabel from Alphamom suggested custom engraving a Moleskine notebook or cel phone or iPod.Submit your image (like a photo of your kids) via the site and in 2-3weeks, your custom product arrives in 2-3 weeks. Prices start at $25for a book and $35-150 for an iPod/iPhone/laptop (you must supply yourown).


Cool Mom Picks likes the sterling photo keepsakes from tj&co. They like the photo money clips ($125-150), but my favorites are the key ring ($125), tie tacks ($100-115), and cuff links($125). These may be a better gift for a grandpa because I don’t recallthe last time I saw a man my husband’s age using a money clip.

Do you have any great personalized gift ideas for dads and grandpas? Homemade gifts are welcome too!