I really loved these hair clips from One Lil’ Cupcake. I’ve mentioned them before, but I didn’t realize just how much I loved them until Catie actually lost her pink heart clip during an unfortunate incident on the slide. We left the park in tears and I was so busy consoling her that I didn’t realize the clip had fallen off until we were well on our way home.

I am so lucky that the kind people at One Lil’ Cupcake so generously replaced our heart clip and also made us the proud owners of a chocolate flower and an indigo cupcake! I really, really love these, partly because they stay in her hair 99.9% of the time (note to self: check hair next time head is bumped on slide) but mostly because they are just so darn adorable. I mean really, really adorable.

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I love the monogrammed hair clip(pictured above). You pick your own colors and the clip is hand stitchedjust like all the others. But my absolute favorite gift to give littlegirls from now on is the 12 Months of Hair Clipsgift set. Set on a calendar, each "month" has a different hair clipattached to it (for example, a snowflake in January, a butterfly inAugust, a turkey in November, etc.). A Flower Garden gift set is available as well. I love, and highly recommend, both.

At $6 each, these clips are a steal! Check out the selection or create your own at Buy 4 clips and shipping is FREE!