Om Goods, seller of stainless-steel, leach-free food containers called Tiffins, wants you live a zero-waste lunch lifestyle.

By carrying your own lunch, utensils, cloth napkins, water container and/or reusable lunch containers (like their Tiffins), you can minimize your carbon footprint (foodprint, if you will!) and help the environment one meal at a time.

For most kids, a 2-tier tiffin carrier ($12) is perfect. Put the main event (like a sandwich or leftovers) in one compartment and sliced veggies or fruit in the other and use the lid as a plate. Still hungry? The 3-tier ($15) or 4-tier ($20) tiffin carriers are for you. You can further divide the compartments using the 3-piece nested containers ($30 $20) or using to hold snacks. We’ve been using the 2-tier carrier for Anya. The bottom compartment is just big enough to hold a bagel and I fill the top with strawberries, sliced apples or oranges.

They also sell cool stainless steel children’s dinner sets ($15 $10) which includes an 8.5 oz cup, 4″ bowl and 7″ plate. They’re a great alternative to plastic and ceramic because they’re unbreakable, lightweight and don’t leech chemicals. (Unfortunately, you can’t put them in the microwave, but you shouldn’t be putting plastic in there either.)

Zero-waste lunches are also healthy, less expensive lunches. If you make your own lunches, you know exactly what you or your family will be eating as you control the portions and ingredients. Additionally, you save money by not purchasing individually packaged items which are, as a rule, priced higher per unit and when you use reusable containers instead of disposable ones like plastic wrap, bags and aluminum foil, you save on the packaging. If you are not able to prepare your own lunch, an alternative is to bring your own reusable container. (If this sounds crazy, think about people who bring travel mugs to their favorite coffee places. It’s not so different!)

They also have a Facebook fan page and encourage people to post images of their zero-waste lunches. Check out these photos of zero-waste lunches that people have shared- #2 and #6 are mine.

— Danielle

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