"My husband and I are not athletic," Craig's mom admits in the newest edition of PEOPLE's Mom Talk

The latest installment of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk series is a little different in that the moms swapping stories aren’t all celebrities themselves, but mostly the parents of celebrities — specifically, famous female athletes.

One topic of discussion on the table is how they differ from their daughters. And for some, like Dale Craig, one of those differences is pretty staggering.

“My husband and I are not athletic,” the mother of 29-year-old Olympic gold medalist in water polo Kami Craig admitted to the other moms in the room. “I don’t even know how to swim. I hate to admit that.”

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Kami Craig olympics
Source: Kami Craig/Instagram

But just because Craig never learned to swim doesn’t mean she hasn’t been there to support her daughter’s dreams every step of the way. In fact, the proud mom can clearly remember the moment Kami proclaimed she was going to be in the Olympics — at just 5 years old — while watching swimming during the 1992 Summer Olympics on TV.

“She turned to me and she goes, ‘You know, Mom, I’m going to the Olympics one day,’ ” she shares. “And I just remembered wanting to be positive.

“And I turned around and I said, ‘You know what, Kami? You just keep working hard, and you can do that.’ ”

Craig also learned quickly that her daughter, as young as she was at the time, was determined to make her dreams come true.

“Sometimes you sit there and you go, ‘Gee, you better listen to your kids because maybe someday they will take you there!’ ” she says with a laugh. “It’s been wonderful.”

Jen Juneau