Ollie Golightly

The ring slings from Ollie Golightly (starting at $120CAD) are eye-catching, to say the least. Made from linen or organic cotton with a grosgrain binding (which is as useful for helping you adjust your sling as it is stylish), and hand-printed (in water-based, non-toxic ink) with a delicious design of your choosing, you and baby will turn a lot of heads when you go out with one of these ring sling gems. The organic cotton option is even dyed with absolutely, completely, totally natural plant and mineral based dyes. While the Ollie Golightly sling has a slightly different shoulder than I’m used to wearing, it took no time at all to get used to this beautiful, beautiful — oh, did I mention it’s beautiful? — sling. And it’s super-duper comfortable, too. Ollie Golightly also makes equally lovely nursing aprons for mamas on the go.

— Stephanie

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