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Olivia Wilde/Instagram
October 11, 2018 10:52 AM

Two years ago, Olivia Wilde was very pregnant.

The actress, 34, shared a throwback selfie on Instagram early Thursday, and in it, she’s wearing a black bikini showing off her then-large baby bump.

At the time, Wilde was pregnant with her daughter Daisy. The proud mom captioned the sweet snap, “2 years ago exactly, the night before Daisy joined the party. Whoa,” and added the hashtag “#thassabigbaby.”

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Wilde and her partner, fellow actor Jason Sudeikis, are also parents to 4-year-old Otis, and she recently spoke with PEOPLE about the difference between raising a girl and boy.

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Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis, Otis and Daisy
Olivia Wilde/Instagram

“It’s really interesting having a boy and a girl because you see the difference in the way that their consciousness blossoms amidst the onslaught of marketing and messaging that comes towards kids,” she said at an event promoting her partnership with Dunkin Donuts. “Little kids are still being told men are the powerful, strong ones and women are the weaker, more vulnerable ones… When I witness that in my kids, I realize how much of a responsibility it is of parents and caretakers to show them every example you can think of a more balanced, fair society.”

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To that end, Wilde is determined to raise her children without gendered stereotypes.

Olivia Wilde and daughter Daisy
Olivia Wilde/Instagram

“My little girl immediately assumes that anything pink is for her and anything blue is for her brother. And she’s only 2!” she says. “So that means it’s out there in the world, women limiting themselves from a young age, and I’m just determined to raise her without those self-imposed limitations because the world’s gonna do it no matter what.”

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