"When Daisy hits a place where she questions her worth, I want to be the one to remind her of the strength she innately has," Olivia Wilde tells InStyle

There’s no tolerance in Olivia Wilde‘s home for being pushed into societal gender expectations.

The actress, director and mother of two opens up to Beanie Feldstein (one of the stars of her critically acclaimed film Booksmart) in a cover interview for InStyle‘s Badass Women issue, discussing how she encourages her kids to embrace their unique personalities, without feeling that they have to act a certain way because of their sex.

One instance, in particular, had to do with the mealtime dynamic between her and fiancé Jason Sudeikis‘ two kids — daughter Daisy Josephine, 3, and son Otis Alexander, 5½ — that Wilde, 35, jumped on for a quick lesson.

“Having a boy and a girl, you really notice gender politics within your own home,” Wilde shares. “She’ll clean up his plate for him after dinner and I’m like, ‘Put that back!’ ”

“With Daisy, I have witnessed how women are born with an incredible amount of strength and that society quickly pushes them to assume the more feminine role,” she replies when Feldstein, 26, asks how she’s raising Daisy and her big brother “to be strong and independent.”

Olivia Wilde, InStyle

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Olivia Wilde, InStyle
Olivia Wilde for InStyle
| Credit: Pamela Hanson

“I mean, I love that Elsa is looking pissed off on the Frozen 2 poster, but there’s still an awful lot out there that’s encouraging young women to make themselves the weaker sex,” she continues. “My role is to be a safe zone of support that’ll hopefully counteract what society will inevitably do to them.”

“When Daisy hits a place where she questions her worth, I want to be the one to remind her of the strength she innately has,” Wilde explains.

Her daughter has even inspired Wilde’s “Daisy Chain,” a concept “about wanting to lift each other up” that she celebrates “because for a long time women have been told that in order to succeed, we have to push people out of the way.”

Olivia Wilde, InStyle
Olivia Wilde covers InStyle
| Credit: Pamela Hanson

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And juggling a hectic career with motherhood means Wilde only gets “about five hours” of sleep each night, saying her life is “forever a process of trying to find the balance.”

“For me as a mom, time becomes essential, because there’s so little of it when you are focused on keeping people alive. Then the time that’s left for you becomes very potent, and you can achieve great things with it,” she says.

However, while she does “like the idea of relaxing,” her “best ideas don’t come from those moments of rest” anyway, Wilde admits. “I get those when I’m jumping on the subway and racing to a meeting.”