Olive Kids Personalized Placemats: Food for thought

When your kid has an unusual or unique spelled name, finding products with their name on it is pretty much impossible. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for quality personalized kids’ products. Olive Kids sent us their personalized placemats and they are Anya’s current favorites (apologies to Emily Green). We have the Happily Ever After/Princess and Country Farm themes and Anya always tells us that the princess on the mat is "Princess Anya."

CBB Reviewer Reva seconds Anya’s approval and told me,

The Olive Kids placemats are a generous size (12"x18") and very nicely made.They are evenly and smoothly laminated, so very easy to wipe clean. The designs werevery charming and my 2-year old loved them.

And CBB Fashion/Gear/Reviews Editor, Bronwyn, loved them, too.

I have a hard time with personalized products — Try finding things with the name Antonia on them! And these mats are VERY well made. They wipe clean easily and can be immersed in water for thorough cleaning.

They have holiday themed mats such as four designs for Easter, one for St. Patrick’s Day, plus fall and winter holidays. At $9.99 each (or $6.99 for non-personalized ones), they make an inexpensive and adorable gift. A set of five is $45 so you can rotate them every day.

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