Preschoolians Shoes - 3 different types of soles, so many styles!

Why do I love Preschoolians Shoes? Oh, let me count the ways!

  • 1) They have such a large range of cute shoes for baby and toddlers.
  • 2) You can get the adorable soft shoes you loved on your kids (when they were babies) and put proper soles on that they can actually run around in.
  • 3) You can even create your own versions (called Design Your Own) of their shoes without breaking the bank!
  • 4) They want to make sure your child’s feet really fit the size you order, so they can send you a Accufit measuring device – that they invented – via snail mail or you can print one out – I love that they feel that the parent is the best person to measure their child’s feet!
  • 5) You can see if the shoe actually fits your child by using their patented "visu-fit transparent window" (which my son Ben was crazy about, he could see his toes from the bottom of the shoe). The "visu-fit" window, invented by Jeff Silverman, founder of Preschoolians, was named one of Time Magazine’s Coolest Inventions of 2003.
  • 6) You will not believe how many different styles of shoes they have!!

I loved putting those awesome leather soft-soled shoes (with suede-covered bottoms) on Ben when he was little. I’m sure you know the type I’m talking about. We had little puppy shoes for him that were just too, too cute! But, when he started really walking and running around, the shoes just didn’t give him enough support or traction. But I still wished he could wear them. With Preschoolians, now he can, just with a better sole.

Preschoolians has three types of soles. First are the "Cover My Foot – Crawlers", then the "I’m Walking Barefoot – Walkers" and finally the "Running, Jumping Barefoot – Runners". You can put any sole you want on their shoes – even their leather soft shoes. The company states that "research shows that barefoot is best for a child. The only reason that shoes should be worn is for protection from sharp objects, dirt, and from the elements like rain, heat and cold." Their shoes are also super flexible too.

Use the Cover My Foot – for Crawlers – for children that are, according to the company, "standing, pulling up, cruising & 1st walking" and they’re "designed to be as close to barefoot as possible while still protecting your child’s feet." The soles are suede and for indoor use only though. Check out the Cover My Foot styles for boys and girls.

For when your child is walking, move up to the I’m Walking Barefoot – for Walkers. According to the company, "this shoe is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use, and is designed for pulling up, cruising, 1st walking and walking. I’m Walking Barefoot shoes have a thin rubber sole which offer protection from sharp objects, warped wood, and other outdoor hazards, while still offering barefoot flexibility." Check out the I’m Walking Barefoot styles for boys and girls.

When your child is a little more sure on his/her feet, they may be ready for the Running, Jumping Barefoot for Runners. This shoe is described as, "perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use, and is designed for walking and running. Theyhave thin rubber soles which offer older children added protection from hazardous outdoors objects like broken glass and warped wood, while still offering barefoot flexibility." Check out the Running, Jumping Barefoot styles for boys and girls.

We checked out two pairs of the Running, Jumping Barefoot soled shoes. Since we have hardwood floors and it’s winter, I tested out a slipper style on my toddler with the Wooly Sheep Tan Napa (above, $39.99) and the Sport Stretch Slip on Grey Nubuck with Black Smooth ($44.95).

And now for the Design Your Own option (which I am crazy about). Choose your style – there are 14 choices, next choose your sole (either the crawler, walker or runner soles), and then pick your colors (and accents). So very awesome and you can make sure no kid on the block is sportin’ the same kicks as your kid! Prices start at $34.95 for the crawlers, $44.95 for the walkers and $49.95 for the runners.

Bella Thornton, Billy Bob Thornton’s daughter, wore PreschooliansI’m Walking Barefoot Dress Up & Down in silver ($40) when she recently visited her father on the set of his movie, The Informers in October. Click here to read that post and see the picture.

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