"But I wish her the best," says Marcos Gutierrez, who divorced Nadya Suleman in 2006
Credit: CBS

Marcos Gutierrez may no longer be married to Nadya Suleman, and has nothing to do with her octuplets and six other children, but he still speaks highly of her.

Gutierrez, who is remarried with two children, separated from Suleman after four years of marriage in 2000. He filed for divorce in 2006. After their separation, Suleman went on to have 14 children, including the octuplets born earlier this year.

“She was my ex-wife,” he tells Inside Edition, airing Wednesday. “They are not my kids, but I wish her the best. … I still want her to be happy. Happiness for her is to have all these kids.

Gutierrez insists that, despite their divorce, he’s pulling for Suleman, who, he says, is “not a bad person. She’s a great person with a great heart.”

With the first of her newborns due home in the coming weeks, Gutierrez insists that the most important thing for Suleman is to begin accepting the offers of assistance. “Right now, she has to seek a lot of help,” he says. “This position is going to be hard for her on her own.”